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At Lincoln Reptile and Pet Centre, we offer a home from home pet boarding service for a wide range of animals. We care for your beloved pet as if it is our own. Reptiles will be cared for within our shop in sufficient vivariums with correct heating and lighting, we will give your reptiles all the attention they need.

Pet Boarding Lincoln Reptile and Pet Centre

We can supply housing and food for most animals at no extra cost, so there is no need for you to worry about getting large cages or vivariums to us. We treat all animals that board with us as if they are our own, and provide each individual with the care, love and attention it requires.



Snakes (up to 6ft) 5 each, per day
Snakes (6 - 8ft) 6 each, per day
Small Lizards (Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Chameleons etc.) 5 each, per day
Large Lizards (No Larger than 3ft) 6 - 8 per day
Small Tortoise (Herman, Horsefield, Young Large Tortoise, etc.) 5 each, per day
Large Tortoise (Over 12” Leopards, Sulcatas, Redfoots etc.) from 6 - 10 each, per day
African Pygmy Hedgehogs 6 each, per day

  • Suitable, secure carriers must be provided for all animals
  • We do not offer boarding to sick / Injured animals
  • 1 animal per vivarium, no multiple discounts
  • Full non refundable payment to secure booking
  • Reptiles that require cites must provide proof of copy
Pet Boarding at Lincoln Reptile and Pet Centre

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